​​The fundamental objectives are to increase the resilience of the territory to the challenges posed by climate change by ensuring equity, inclusion and cultural sustainability, and trigger processes of ecological transition and social innovation​.



Transversal to these topics is the enhancement of the Berber cultural heritage, which operationally speaking is enhanced and integrated with the poltechnical research lines through tools that pertain to Social Sciences.


Optimize Water Resources

The water resource management is optimized by combining practices of oasis systems, new models and technologies. The research on water management will enable us to evaluate the impact of agricultural activities and their effectiveness in managing the territory against desertification.



Enhance Historical Buildings

​​Preservation and enhance historical buildings by adapting their safety, comfort and sustainability to facilitate widespread and conscious recovery. ​AMAZING will contribute locally to the mitigation of the impact of extreme environmental conditions on buildings, through the co-design of climate-responsive and climate-resilient building adaptation, with assessment of the sustainability of the interventions (energy improvement and reduction of vulnerability). ​ 



Circular Economy

Safe and sustainable historical heritage, favoring circular supply chains for the production of building materials, with a focus on a pilot school-site relevant to the local and scientific community. The circular supply chain linked to the new materials under study (UBiskra-UAnnaba-PoliMi) has direct relevance for the sustainable development of the local economy



Project Website : https://www.amazing.polimi.it/


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